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  • Corporate Philosophy

    Our corporate philosophy is supported by four pillars which determine our everyday actions and relationships with our customers and employees.


    We regard partnerships as the central factor in our entrepreneurial activities. We maintain and develop long-term relationships of confidence and trust with our customers and employees. Great importance is attached to a transparent flow of internal and external information.


    We are a responsible service provider, and regard it as our obligation to do our very best for our customers and employees. In all our business activities, we are always mindful of our commitment to reduce the burden on the environment. We ensure that our business develops reliably and sustainably. Furthermore, we base our actions on generally accepted ethical principles. We respect human rights, comply with labor standards and combat corruption in all its forms. 

    The safety and health of our employees have maximum priority. That is why good working conditions and the satisfaction and development of our staff are highly important to us.


    The continuous development of our business, our products and the people who work here is a paramount aim. Our know-how in the fields of fly ash and other power plant by-products is our great strength. We systematically develop new markets and react flexibly to market changes.

    In order to exploit our potential in full, we consistently pursue our strategic objectives, act efficiently and cost-effectively, and react flexibly to changes on the markets. Consequently, we are able to recognize opportunities and risks in our business environment at an early stage.

    We regard investments in further development as the core component in creating a stable, efficient and environmentally friendly organization. In that context, we rely on measures to increase the expertise of our employees, and continuously expand our systematic research and development work together with our key partners. We cooperate closely with the Scientific and Technical University AGH in Krakow, the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Opole and the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

    We are positioning ourselves optimally for the future by systematically developing our products and our portfolio, and expanding the communication channels with our customers.