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    Laboratory Services

    In our laboratory, we perform continuous quality assurance testing on our products. We also subject our products to a certification process in cooperation with the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

    Our laboratory provides an entire series of tests and analyses for these purposes, based on the PN-EN 450 standard. We perform tests on the following parameters, among others:

    • Loss on ignition
    • Fineness
    • Determination of the unslaked lime content
    • Compressive strength
    • Pozzolanic activity

    The laboratory collaborates closely with the accredited Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials in Opole. Independent, third-party tests on the fly ash are conducted there.

    In addition, we offer our know-how to our customers. You too can use our laboratory to test the quality of your products, develop new products or concrete formulas, or move ahead with new applications of fly ash or other products. Contact address for the laboratory: