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    Microspheres are a mineral filler material for a multitude of industrial applications. They comprise lightweight, microscopically small hollow spheres, which mostly consist of silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, and are filled with air. Microspheres account for around one to three percent of the hard coal fly ash particles, and have to be filtered out of the fly ash.

    Microspheres are extremely robust, inert, extremely heat-resistant, waterproof, and also have an insulating effect. They are therefore frequently used in the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles and boats, and also in the production of PVC flooring and shoe soles.

    Applications of microspheres:

    • In the construction industry as a filler material to increase the thermal insulation and fire resistance of products with simultaneous reduction of their water demand
    • Automobile industry
    • Ceramics and plastics industries
    • In the production of coatings for spacecraft and structural components for boats, and for drilling fluids
    • As components in medicine and cosmetics

    Anwendungsgebiete von Cenosphären:

    • in der Baustoffindustrie als Füllmaterial zur Erhöhung der Wärmedämmung und Feuerbeständigkeit von Produkten bei gleichzeitiger Senkung ihrer Wasseraufnahme
    • Automobilindustrie
    • Keramik- und Kunststoffindustrie
    • bei der Herstellung von Beschichtungen für Raumschiffe und Konstruktionselementen für Boote und Bohrspülungen
    • als Komponente in der Medizin und Kosmetik