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    Slag and Ash Mixture

    Slag and Ash Mixture (“SAM” for short) is a mixture of hard coal fly ash, bottom ash and slag. The main components of SAM are silicon dioxide (quartz – SiO2) and aluminum oxide (alumina – Al2O3).

    On account of its material properties, which are fundamentally characterized by a low moisture content and low ignition losses, SAM is used in a wide variety of applications. These include, for example, use as a high-quality civil engineering material in the construction of road and railway embankments and road beds. In cement works and in the manufacture of coarse ceramic products such as clay bricks, SAM is used as a corrective material in the mixture. A further potential application is as packing material in mines.

    The properties of the slag and ash mixture supplied by STEAG Energo Mineral have been tested by the independent accredited Zaklady Pomiarowo - Badawcze Energetyki Energopomiar metrology and research institute.